Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ball Dropped

All this time.

I have sat and silently waited.

For the other ball to drop.

I didn't know how or when. How badly or whom.

But I knew it would come, and it would someday drop.

And I knew I would feel something more.

Relief? Bring up old wounds?

But it Would come, and now it has.

I'm so sorry for any who got hurt. I'm so thankful for the future hurt this will now prevent.

(I have just learned that one of the remaining dogs left in the house that was part of pack of dogs in our neighborhood that attacked Matthew last year and tore open his arm and punctured his head, has now attacked again. This time a neighbors dog. This is the 3rd time they have been involved in an incident where their dogs have hurt others. This dog will be gone, I have heard. I am so grateful that it was not a child, and that it could mean that these dogs will finally be gone. I have been sick living next to this. I hope that this is finally what it takes...)