Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on Matthew

Since the accident, so much has happened, and so much has not.

There are details that change little nuggets at a time. The same with feelings, if that makes sense.

Still...we have not been approached in any way shape or form by the people who own the dog. To check on Matthew or make amends. We have taken steps in an awkward dance of day to day not knowing how to handle things and finding our way...

We did call our insurance agent who was kind enough to get in touch with their homeowners and get a claim going. It ends up that this 100% should be covered by their HO insurance and that there is no doubt at all that they are liable. Why we were the ones to have to make the calls for their claim is just another one of those awkward dance steps I was talking about. But at least it is now filed and being processed. Matthew's medical bills and etc. should be taken care.

Wednesday the insurance adjuster is coming to get our's and their testimony. He is going to take pictures of the the scene and I sent pictures of Matthew's arm. We will not settle until we feel things are being taken care of...

Today, we went back to the Dr. to get Matty's stitches out. Again, not what we planned. Poor guy has infection and is being put on another bout of antibiotics. Some of the stitches were not ready to come out. The wounds were too bad.

When the nurse was working on some of the ones that the Dr. DID approve to get taken out the wound started to gap. She had to stop! They put sterile strips to butterfly it together and left the rest in. The poor little mans legs were wiggling and he was whimpering. The Doc was concerned about the infection and wants us back in 2 days. Mike was so upset, he left right then and there. I knew in my heart where he was going.

He called later to say that he knocked on their door, and this time wasn't as friendly. (They have still kept the dog till this time). He told her where he had come from and what he had seen and wanted to know when she was getting rid of the dog.
She told him that they were trying to find it a home, and if not they were going to be sending it to a no kill shelter.
I know to some of you...many who have emphasized how you would have killed the dog dead, or knocked the neighbors block off....that this is not satisfying to you. But since we are the ones in ours shoes and actually LIVING this know that the children on our street will be safe...OUR children will be safe now...that is what we want.
It was not good enough for them to keep the dog, or get dog obedience. We wanted it gone. We wanted to live here not in fear. And at the time of the accident our first concern was not revenge or anger, but to rush Matthew to the hospital. To take care of him.
Now our concern was to take care of this threat, and to continue living amongst our neighbors as peaceful as possible...
We have had some wonderful neighbors step up and support us, and that has meant the world. I have felt the prayers from all of you and I thank you so much. I know everything that comes in our path has come for a reason and is a lesson and a chance to learn.