Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Days!

I think this will be my last post till I get back from Arizona. Face it people. I have failed you in the blog world. I am NOT keeping up lately. I am going to get back on the blogging wagon when I get back and start fresh then!!!

I have been SO excited about my upcoming trip to Arizona it really is ridiculous. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I think it is one of those "living on the edge" (LOL really safely) things. I have never...NEVER gone away from Mike in the 17 years we have been together. HE has gone on business trips and I've stayed home and taken care of the children. I have gone on weekends places with my mom and friends, and even He and I together have left the children and flown far away for days at a time...but NEVER have I left BY MYSELF somewhere. (It's almost liberating.)

On top of that...the place I am going is half across the country. A place I have never seen. A place I know nothing about.

And then...On top of that...it is to MEET someone, I have never met. Never touched. Never seen. Never been in the same room with.

Accckkk!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!!

I'm not scared at all. I already KNOW Lacey. I mean I feel like I KNOW her. We have talked on phones, and texted, and Face booked. We have sent gifts, and seen each other's handwriting, and heard each other's voice. We have made each other laugh, and found things in each other that we bond on.

It's going to be great.

I actually had someone ask me if I wasn't afraid "that she would kill me?" Lol. In reference to me flying across the country to met someone for the first time alone.

So I asked Lacey not to. (she said she wouldn't :)

3 days....3days...3days....Hikes, and cactus, and Mexican food! Laughter, and margaritas, and photography. I can't wait to meet her boyfriend and her animals, and see her new house. We are going to sob over the finale of 6 Feet Under and kick butt on her punching bag.

It's very weird what paths cross and how. Some you never see coming....