Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Sister Looking Up to Little Brother

Tatum found it hilarious the other day when we came home from shopping with Jake's new clothes, that her little brother's shoes were waaay too big for her feet. Her 16 year, 5'1 body put on some of his 12 year old duds and flopped down stairs like she was wearing clown shoes.

And these pictures I share with you for no other reason than to share with you how stinkin cute my cat Abby is. She carries this toy around everywhere, and is in full blown hunter mode with it...

And these two...could just melt your heart their relationship. Matthew is SO good with Summer. And she absolutely adores him...
And GUESS WHAT! I WON THIS !!!! A $25 gift certificate here from my friend Trish! I am so excited. I have wanted one of these so bad! (I actually asked Mike for one for Christmas...and went to the point of having an example torn out of a magazine and pinned to his bulletin board for the whole month of December!)
Since I didn't get one, I am SO thrilled that I get the chance to get one now :) Thanks Trish!!!