Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why We Can Never Own Fondue Forks In This House

This week has been a crazy busy week. The kids are off for Spring break, and any semblance of organization has gone out of the window. I have fallen completely OFF the commenting wagon, so for those of you who have continued to visit me and comment, I truly love you and know you've got my back :) It is just easy to make a list of all the things flying around in this crazy head of mine...

****The boys started throwing up on Monday, I guess with a quicky stomach bug. It hit in the evening late just when you yourself are falling into bed exhausted thinking that not one. more. thing. can. happen. today. or . you. will. die.

****I knew they were fine by the next morning when I saw Jake eating a Hostess chocolate cupcake, and I asked "do you think that should be the very first thing you eat???", and his response was "well it's the last one in the house?!?!?! And I didn't want anyone else to eat it!"

****I worked at the Freestore on Saturday and am still LOVING IT. Since I am going to AZ in a week, I felt sheepish about requesting a particular Saturday off, so I signed up for THREE Saturdays in April instead of 2! I will love it, but I come home exhausted, and I know Mike feels the same being the Mom for the day:)

****Oh yeah, I"MGOINGTOARIZONAINAWEEK!!!!! I'm so excited! Lacey~ I hope you don't mind if I show up with just the clothes on my back, cause with the way things are going, it's lucky I will just get there! Whew! But I can't wait, and know that whatever gets done, gets done, and whatever doesn't...will have to wait.

****Matthew started soccer last night, and who should appear on the soccer field, but HIS BEST FRIEND! We couldn't believe it! They are on the same team. You can NOT request stuff like that. It is not allowed at all. So we are thrilled, and had no idea. This is going to make it a great season for him!

****I got the kids Easter baskets stuff today. I was worried when I would get it done. Now I am ready for Sunday!

***Mike went to the Dermatologist to get a mole removed from his forehead. They took one from his stomach too. Lol~poor guy...he is healing all over! In the past three years, what with the Vas., Lasik, Hernia, I say...NO MORE DOCTORS!

***Jake got his hair cut, new jeans, and new shoes. I have been working on that boy this spring break. I have also enjoyed time with my boy.

****Tatum and I have been walking at night. She has become my new walking partner. It has been so cool to have a built in exercise partner in the house :)

****Oh....and the fondue fork. I am tired by the end of this post. Do you have rascally boys? Do you find dangerous SH** everywhere that they get into!!??!!! That was where I started off with this the back yard, picking up debris from my boys and one was a random fondue fork stabbed into the ground.

Yup. Their all mine....