Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sassafrass and Kitty Cats

For Summer's Third Birthday, Mike and I took her to the zoo for the 1st time. Since the older kids were in school, it was just the 3 of us. She was excited and nervous. She couldn't quite
comprehend what a zoo was and got scared that the tigers and bears could "get her", so the day before, fears started to surface. She said she only wanted to see elephants and giraffes. We tried to explain that they were in cages, but Oh to define what goes on in a 3 year old's mind! We fared pretty well. Being newly potty trained, it was our big trip out in underware, so our pink potty went to. Like literally! She went in the back of the van in the parking lot, (big fun, I know.... I gave Mike the job of disposing of it, LOL!) and then we took the bucket part in the stroller basket underneath for the actual zoo trip. I took it in with us to the restrooms, and by golly...not one accident! She did it!

Hands down her favorite part was the cat house. She loved this. She ran window to window and had a blast. Mike and I could NOT BELIEVE IT when we came to the window of a newer animal, and it was coatimundi's!!!!

Her cake was of Alice of course!!! (no I didn't make it...not this year!~)

OH~NO SHE DI'NT!! Well, okay! YES I DID! Look what we got her!
A cat stroller from the humane society!~LOL! Not only do the cat's LOVE being outside safely, but....
Summer is loving pushing them around :)