Sunday, March 14, 2010

They are Called Coati's

This was the one time we actually got dressed up and went out for the night. Other wise we were in bathing suits :) We went to the Japanese restaurant where they cook your meal on a grill in front of your table.
It was our last evening there, and alot of fun.
By this point though, we were both feeling the sun burn...
On the morning we had to leave, we got up really early and set out to find the family of CoatiMundi's. One of the workers had told us that a family of them lived in the trees behind building 22.
We filled our pockets full of grapes, and took apples from the breakfast buffet and set out. Boy did we find them!
Babies, Mommas, Daddy's. Coaties of all sizes!
Look Here to read more about them.
It was probably one of the funnest parts of the trip!

Don't you love how they stand like a bear and begged :)

We said goodbye to Mexico....such a short visit! But what a wonderful time!