Saturday, March 6, 2010

OMG....I'm Going to Arizona!

Can you believe it?

I'm still am letting it sink in....!

For my present this year, Mike has known how much I have been wanting to see beyond Ohio, and how much I have wanted to meet my blog friend Lacey (who lives in a very NON OHIO place) and he is sending me on a weekend getaway!

All by myself! He will hold down the fort, while Lacey and I hike and do photography, explore gold mines and mountains, see her NEW HOUSE, eat Mexican, drink LIKE a Mexican, play with her animals, maybe get tattoo's, have a 6 Feet Under Marathon, and...Oh...and **MEET** for the first time!!! YAY!!!!!!

The flight is already booked! April 9th. OH MY GOSH! My first trip alone, since I got married!{{THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!!}}}

AAAaaannnd just to keep you all updated.... We leave for Mexico in EARLY EARLY SUNDAY morning.... So if I don't get a chance to post before then, my mom might give a wing at guest posting while we are gone. I have shown her how. Show her some comment loving okay :) I'll be back Wednesday!

Here is my new haircut for the trip... ( sorry...didn't have the will power to grow it out...grrrr!~)