Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Dreams

Do you ever have dream so real, that when you wake up, you don't realize it wasn't a dream until later in the day?

And then when it dawns on you that it was just a dream, a like awakening happens in you and you just have to stop and pause in your day and process it, digest it, convince yourself that it never really happened, that it really was just a dream...

This may seem stupid to some, especially to those of you who are not animal lovers, to catch up on the story of Pumpkin you can read here... but the other night I had the MOST REAL dream.

It was the night before Summer's birthday, and I dreamed it was the day of Summer's birthday and the family was in the family room celebrating...opening presents and having cake. Setting the scene for normal happenings. I looked out the back door and I SAW her. She had found her way back! After all this time she had! It really and truly was her! The body we found must not of been hers after all, and THERE SHE WAS!

Oh how good it felt to SEE HER AGAIN! The old ache of friendship and love washed over me as I ran out and scooped her up. The kids were so excited! We couldn't fathom how she had found her way back. Yes, she had wear and tear of time and travel on her, and needed meat on her bones, but nothing a little love and food couldn't fix.

I guess with the way it really had happened I never really got to grieve her loss. You know at first she was just gone for a few days, and it was "where is that darn cat!" And then it was..."well we hope someone took her in, and she is safe somewhere..." Even when we found the body on the curb of the road it had been months and part of me denied it. I don't know.

This dream has awoken something because I have been a weepy mess. All day yesterday I kept checking the back porch, convinced my dream was maybe a prediction. Maybe she really would be there!

She never was.

Tatum told me last night maybe Pumpkin was checking in with me. How sweet is she. How sad am I to be 35 years old and sitting here crying over my cat that died a year ago, lol!'s funny how dreams can throw your day out whack so badly. Maybe they are just little reminders sent from ones we love??