Friday, March 19, 2010

How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby

That seems like a laughable title...amiright??

I will start off by saying, that I believe people become mothers in many wonderful ways. Whether by the wonderful gift of adoption, or the help of medical science. I also am no fool, and know that God is our Heavenly Father and makes all things possible. I give Him the credit for our blessings.

But I also know he gives us free will, and intellectual minds, and chances to make choices to help things along. So in this case, I went with it. This was a post I was on the fence to write about due to people's strong views, but it also is information I know at one time I was craving to hear. So I will just tell my story...okay?

When I had Tatum I was young with a capital "Y" and honestly I don't remember really strongly wanting a boy or a girl. I was having a baby, and that was ALL I could digest. When we got the ultrasound they couldn't tell what she was, so we went the whole pregnancy not knowing. It was a really cool moment (and the only one I got to experience, since I found out with all the others) when she was born, and the doctor lifted her up into the air announcing like in the movies "IT'S A GIRL!"

When I had Jake, I really liked having a girl and would of been happy being a mother of all girls, but when we found of he was a boy, I was equally thrilled..we got one of each!!

When Matt was due, convincing Mike to have another baby was hurdle enough, and when I found out I was having another boy (which my 3 year old boy at home was a VERY BUSY GUY!) I remember talking on the phone to a friend who was a mother of all boys. She knew I had had the ultrasound and asked what I was having. I said "yay! another boy!" , after she congratulated she said something very important to me. She said "you know, it's okay to feel a little disappointed. You still love your baby SO MUCH!" I was very happy. But did miss Tatum getting the chance to be a sister (something I never had) and I did so want another girl.

Now years later, When Matty was 5, my boys had worn me down. They had caught the bushes on fire. They had broken bones, and been to the ER. They were wonderful, crazy, busy boys. I wanted more children. I had always wanted a full house, but not all boys, lol!~ (Mike has a child from a previous marriage that we don't get to see though (a boy) and since the Male decides the sex of the baby THREE out of FOUR of his children had been boys.....oy...the record was not in my favor)

I was working in the church nursery one day, and this mother that had Five boys...F.I.V.E. brought up her newborn baby girl to show me. I asked her how in the world she did it, and she very easily did.

Dr. Landrum B. Shettles.

She said you have to follow it to a T. Study it for months. Live it. Love it. Learn it.

Oh my gosh. I did.

Now it does take alot of dedication. Alot of gross dedication. Involving charting your body's mucus, among many other things. And it does make sure that you are in it for the right reasons.
It tells you straight up, that if you do all this, and you aren't absolutely thrilled STILL when the baby comes out and it isn't the sex you were wanting....then you are totally doing it for the wrong reasons. DON"T!

Because after all. A baby is a beautiful precious gift. And once their here, none of that really matters...
But it was a really cool journey that Mike and I got to experience for our last sha-bang in the baby making biz-ness!