Tuesday, March 16, 2010

By George, I Think She's Got IT! {{Thank the LORD!!}}

The last few days have been monumental in potty making history here.

Summer peed IN the potty, in a breakthrough moment the other day, were you could SEE the light go on in her head. She was unsure this was okay! and nervous and elated and thrilled and proud.
Since then she has peed many more time in the potty, and today brown graced the pink potty. We went right out and bought that girl pull-ups.
I have NEVER had a tougher nut to crack than this one, so please cross your fingers and toes that it keeps going in this direction. As it is at this point, I do not get to leave the house it seems and we are half naked most of the day....so I am hoping she catches on sure and tight :)