Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Daring Exploration

So, On one of the days we were there, Mike peeled me off of the lounge chair by the pool (good thing he did guys cause I am now dealing with sun poisoning) and convinced me to take a real walk on the beach. I half heartedly threw on my cover up and with bare feet we set off.

As we made some progress in the opposite direction from the way we had walked before, we realized that this way on the beach was not commercial. There were no hotels or resorts. Ours was the last in line. It was just ocean, beach and jungle. It was happily appreciated by both of us and we drank in the beauty of the day.

Now for you to get the feel for our resort, let me tell you that where we stayed the last time was maybe 10 minutes from the airport. This time it was a good 30 to 40 minutes. But when we arrived we pulled into a dirt driveway that did not appear at all that a luxurious resort could appear from. We drove and drove down the dirt and rocky one way path through the Mexican jungle a LONG WAY before our resort appeared.

It WAS set back in the middle of it seemed No where.

So when we walked this direction on the beach we weren't really surprised at how unbuilt it was.

Off to the right at one point we saw this...
And then we saw this....
We were so curious and debated back and forth about whether or not we should go up and explore. It obviously was vacant. And there wasn't No Trespassing Signs posted. But we didn't know if you even HAD to post signs like that in Mexico.
What we did know in our wild with probably overcautious mind was that last year at this time people's head were being found decapitated all over Mexico. And we also knew that the horseback riding in the ocean tour that we went on last year had since been held up by gun point. We also knew that people kept saying just not to leave the resort.
But we are silly Americans.
And probably watch too much "Weeds".
So we quickly ran back and got our shoes and my camera, and had the funniest exploration, but yet on edge time ever!

If you click on the picture below you can see the lizard on the pile of debris

This was from upstairs look down to the courtyard

It was literally room after room after room!!

Then on our adrenaline high took this beautiful shot of a boat
and found a snorkeling stop with carved drift wood. Can you tell what these are??

We found an old boat and I wanted to get Mike's picture by it. He went to lean against it and jumped off. Lol~there was a lizard inside! It ran to hide but not too well...Can you see the tail?

It was a great memory that we made ourselves just off and being together.

And we lived to tell...Lol!