Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When I went on this recent trip, I knew that it was something I needed. I knew that my soul, my inner me had not had time to be out, or to be alone, or to be expressed in this way in such a long time that it was not just needed, it was almost mandatory. My husband gave me this gift, and I don't know if he will ever know how much it will affect him, and help him, be appreciated.

For some this can be hard to understand, but as I have said before I have never been away alone in the 18 years of my marriage. From the beginning it has started with babies and busyness and I have craved and loved it ALL, but along the way I lost a bit of what it was like to be alone in my head. To have a moment to only worry about me. For days. To have fun JUST with Becky and my main concern in my day was only for me. To eat and drink and laugh and sleep and take care of Becky. This gift that was given was so monumental and uplifting I am crying right now typing this...

But something I WAS NOT expecting on this trip, was to learn a lesson. An insight.

Mike and I have a pretty good marriage. One I am proud of and trust completely. Spending a few days though with Lacey and Mike was an eye opener.

They showed a level of respect to each other that I have over the years lacked. Maybe through exasperation, or tiredness, or frustration, but I have. I sat back and watched over and over examples of patience in them showing honest interest in each other and dropping what they were doing to show they supported one another. Times where I would have huffed or blown him off or acted put out.

I don't want to be that person. I have renewed optimism in who and how I want to behave.

I asked them if I could photograph them and they were sweet enough to agree. All I can say is the pictures show their love. Thank you Lacey and Mike for the wonderful weekend you gave me AND for showing me a lesson I didn't know I needed to relearn...