Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making A Dent

Spring Cleaning has taken full force over here. I have been clearing out, cleaning up, and redoing/fixing/making do everything! When you live in a state that has 4 very different seasons, and you have 4 ever changing sized children, the wardrobe switch over is always a BIG job. Pass down, goodwill, needs new, still fits, needs for upcoming season. Once I got thru with that I just kept going. Here is just a sample of all I have been up too lately.

Up above I switched out Summer's butterfly mobile for this one I found on etsy. For a ridiculous amount. But I love it. And I never would of had the patience to make something like this. She also is the sweetest to buy for, because she is SO grateful! She ohs and ahs and says really excited "oh THANK YOU, Mama! :)"

Mike got to work on our outside gate. The metal handle had completely come undone and was hanging by one hinge. Neighbor kids were banging it open and shut (well of course our kids too!) and it was sure to be ruined soon. Now it is back to working order...

Our silly couch that slit open in the back that continues to slit. Yes the cat's have a field day hopping in and out, and there is junk galore inside, but Mike picked up some black screws and now it is secured. Not beautiful...but secured.
Ugh..Our bathroom and kitchen sink handles had started growing this green moss inside! I know! It smelled like a creek. I thought for sure we would have to replace them. Mike took them apart and bleach and scrubbed. They are as good as new!

We have this lamp in the kitchen that I LOVE. The lantern's were splattered and getting kind of gross, so one day I popped one in the dishwasher. Like 2 minutes later I checked on it, and the paint was PEELING OFF in CHUNKS! I about cried. Luckily I found new glass globes at Home Depot that I actually like better and are new and fresh!

The dreaded linen closet. Man this took me hours. This thing was one of those doors that you would shove stuff in really quick and then slam the door really fast! I just never dealt with it. I had a whole garbage bag of stuff I cleared out! Now the door actually shuts!....slowly:)

New Summer Master Bedroom Bedding....
And a surprise in the mail! From Germany, no less! From Sarah! How sweet :) She EVEN sent a little book for Summer who was THRILLED to be getting mail! Thank you Sarah!!!
I am now attempting to gut each and every kitchen cabinet. And then put down liner. And then Old English the wood.
It ain't a pretty job....
So how's YOUR spring cleaning going????