Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dear Lacey...I am Insane,

Dear Lacey,

Since we are best friends, I know you already know this, but I need to reiterate.

I am insane.

Since it is only 3 days now till you arrive in Ohio from Arizona, and I have meticulously planned and counted down the of your coming like the Apocalypse, you would think that everything is in tip top shape.

Since you know me so well, of course you know I have everything lined up amazingly well.

Since you know my life so well you know that nothing has gone as planned.

We both agreed that you have top priority and will NOT be sleeping in the garage, so there is that!

After Matthew's dental emergency which wiped out a precious school day, followed by Summer getting sick, celebrating Tatum's 18th birthday, sending Jake off to Washington DC with his 8th grade class, and being in charge of the afterprom's booth in the town Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade, I swear I tried to stay on course and clean and do laundry and stock up on our plans. But crazy ideas hit me....

Like painting a wall.


Blood Red.

Well you know, I had these awesome pictures to hang, and there is no use hanging the pictures on a wall that could use paint, and know.

I can't help that this was 2 hours before Matthew's football playoffs.

In another town.

And I am convinced now that I HAVE to have my air ducts cleaned! You Just may have to sleep in the laundry pile, because I had a whole panic attack thinking about the smell and dirt and build up of cat hair and mites and THEN watched a video on it...So they are coming on Tuesday. TUESDAY. (the day before I pick you up at the airport) to tear apart my house and do like a 4 hour thing. Seriously, nothing but the best for you. But I do realize I am insane. And I do realize that nothing else is getting done. Cause now I still have paint brushes sitting in the sink. And pictures all over the floor to be hung. And there is another day of Laundry to do now. Oh, and food. Crap. Food.

I am writing this to say...even though we have planned this for 6 months now. Could we do another wing it weekend??? hehe? Who knows. I might pull might shit together. But you never know when another wall will need to be painted, and....

Oh hell. Who are we kidding!

I just can't wait to see you!!!! We got this ;)