Monday, October 3, 2011

Update on Posts

Sorry Sorry. I write these darn posts, and then I don't tell you how things turn out! I know...terrible of me!

Jake's Birthday was a success. He loved his dinner and gifts and his fondant cake turned out...ehh. Okay. I am happy with my first try. Surely not ready to be on Cake Boss or anything, but so happy I tried!

My dancing career came and it went. I will show you my LOOKING GOOD picture, and then I will so you my "why I don't go to clubs" picture. Again. Glad I tried it, double glad my sister in law had a great birthday, but I know who I am, and this is NOT it, lol!

yeeeaaah. Not so much Beyonce...huh?

And, on my back to school post, I didn't include SUMMER! She started Pre-K, just weeks later than when the other kids went back, so I NEED to put HER picture up too!!

She is IN LOVE with school. So much that on days she doesn't get to go, she asks me in a desperate voice "why won't you LET ME GO TO school today?!?!?!" Ssssiiiggghhh. believeme. Iwouldificould!!!
So there you go!~