Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Rainbow Girl

For Summer's Preschool "Breakfast With Santa", they put on a little performance before hand. The build up for this in my four year old's mind had made her about half wild. For the past month Summer has been learning all the words to various Christmas songs, very caught up in the story of Jesus and his birth, and super excited about the little program they were going to put on. Her daily make believe and play includes babies that are Jesus and Daddy is called "Mary" and it really has been a fun phase.

One of the things she talked about in the weeks leading up to the event was that some of the children were going to get costumes! I asked her what her costume was going to be, but she wouldn't tell me. She just would say that it was a secret. As the weeks went by, I did get out of her that some of her friends were angels, and finally she did relent and tell me in a whisper that she was a rainbow.

A rainbow!

So as the day slowly came, I divulged the secret of her dressed up rainbow costume to my mother and husband and anxiously waited in the audience for the program to start. She had been dropped off to her preschool teachers caring hands and was going to be led in.

Camcorder and camera was ready, but I was not. Here is Summer.

LOL! She was one of the Three Wise Men.

Happy as a clam in her "rainbow" cloak, her fellow girlie preschooler wore halo's and wings, but my daughter clunked her present for baby Jesus in the manager and took her spot on the stage with a big smile on her face.

After, we received beautiful handmade presents from the children and got to see Santa while we ate.

(waiting in line to see the big guy)
(she sat on MRS. Claus's lap, lol)
It was a fantastic start to the weekend. I'm so sad thinking this is the last baby of mine {{sniff}} What fun memories we made!