Saturday, December 24, 2011


For Christmas we have taken on the tradition of doing the stockings as an exchange. That way it gets everyone involved in the act of giving, and doesn't overwhelm ME so much! It's fun and on Thanksgiving everyone loves passing the hat to see what name they draw!

This year I was super excited to see that I had gotten Mike's name. You remember the post I did about Mike losing his wedding ring, and it has now been 6 months that that man has walked this earth with bare hands.

I knew that I had a $30 cap on our stockings, but oh what fun it would be for him to find a wrapped jewelery box at the bottom of HIS stocking!!!

Our rings are white gold, and when I went into the jewelery store to find him a ring I was floored to see how much white gold bands were now! I had been aware of all the commercials advertising selling old jewelery and how the price of gold had gone up...but I guess I hadn't put two and two together. This was not me selling! This was me buying! Hrmph! It was tooo much!

The jeweler and I came up with a great compromise. Until He and I can get nice expensive set (which 19 years later still don't's okay sentimental does outweigh it all) there was a beautiful cheaper metal called Dura Colbolt. I got a design on it, but it isn't etched so flour from work won't get stuck in it! Awesome!

It feels so good to have a ring back on his finger. I think he loves it:) I know I do!