Friday, December 2, 2011

The Verdit Is In

My testing went off without a hitch. I can thank Jesus for all He has done for me and for watching over me this entire time. Everything really did go pretty smoothly and I am so grateful that my results didn't come back in the many wild directions they could have gone.

Long and short of it is I have several ulcers in my stomach area. When I asked the Dr. how many, he just emphasised "MANY". Some were bad enough they were bleeding, and some looked as if they were about too. But this I can handle. Given my directions of what to do, I am on it. I go back in 8 weeks for another upper GI.

I am so blessed to have such friends surround me. One, who has been through it all, and just having that connection of "you know" gave me such comfort and relief to be able to talk it over with. Thank you Lisa.
One upped her friend card to the highest level, and while I was left alone with a house full of kids and a suprep bowel kit, LOL, googled the heck of all my questions as fast as I could text, and though MILES and states away, stayed by side the whole night seeing it through. We laughed, we cried, we talked about poo more than people ever should, but THAT is what a real friend does. Thank you Lacey.
I had friends pray and send texts and show up at the door with baked goods. Just having me in your thoughts meant so much. Love you Linna.

And my mom and husband. Who dropped everything to take care of life for me for the day. Thank you guys. I love you both so much and do not know what I would with out you.

So I am back on track to getting healthy. And grateful for the chance.