Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Today has had a BROAD spectrum of highs and lows hitting here in the trenches.

I duck and weave as necessary, but really am holding my own. The good is oh so good and I just roll with the punches as they come.

It's laughable really the descriptions of events in this odd day, and easier to just give you some of the classic glimpses.

Tomorrow I cannot eat. At all. Only liquids, and have to do some horrific preparations for scopes they are planning to do the NEXT day at the hospital. It was super fun going to the grocery store pharmacy and having a 20 something girl not be able to find my "BOWEL PREP". As I joked that that looked horrifying when she brought a abnormal big prescription bag over, she soothed me by telling me that I had ordered for me the "smallest one"...so I was lucky.

Yay Me!!!

As my 14 year old gently put it, it's like I'm getting a car wash on my insides.

can I hear another Yay?!?!

Throughout the day I have been working with my friend from childhood who is a travel agent, and got a screaming deal on Mike and I's tropical getaway! The deal ended today though and we had to move on it! So we did! (for real this time..) YIPEEEE!!!

We are going to Antigua in the Caribbean, and staying in an all inclusive Adults only resort. Flipping amazing and beautiful and for almost a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a beautiful gift to my day. I am counting down to May!

Tatum has been throwing up for two days, so Jake joined her today. I picked him up from school about 20 minutes after he got there. Poor Guy. I can't afford to get sick with the next few days so he is banished to his room. I don't think he cares too much. Feeling like death and all.

Summer had preschool and dance, and I had Piano, which was AWESOME.

I don't know. They say snow is coming!? Our Christmas tree is up, and my main goal in the house is laundry and puppy pee, LOL. Wish me luck on tomorrow. And the next day. Here I goooooooo!