Monday, November 21, 2011

What You Talkin Bout Willis??

I had my appointment today with the specialist and I feel positive as to where things are going. Scopes are set up for next week to determine for fact the problems, but the Dr. is leaning towards a pretty good ulcer.

As I sat there talking with the Dr. and he was taking apart my history, he was acknowledging the significant blood loss I had had, and the new onset of anemia. He casually says to me... "so are you eating allot of ice?"

This struck me as SO odd! 1.) because that is not something normally said to you, but 2.) Yes, YES, YES!!! I had been!!!

I was so taken aback by this. That he knew...KNEW of my secret ice eating habits that had been forming over the past few months!, that I stammered..."howdidyou KNOW?!?!?!"

He laughed and said it was a symptom of anemia and asked if I was drawn to eating play-dough or other odd things in which I shook my head no to profusely, but was amazed that he KNEW!

For months I had been driving through drive thru's at restaurants ordering fountains drinks, JUST to get the crunched ice. Certain restaurants had better cuts, is how crazy I had gotten. This strange habit had slowly sliden into my life quietly and with how busy my life is, I had not given it much thought. UNTIL this appt. At times I was aware that it was a bit odd...when Mike and I watched TV and I would crunch away on ice, and I would think to myself..."gosh I am LOUD...LOL!". But otherwise, until this moment, I had written it off.

I could of sat there freaking out about colonoscopy's and upper GI scopes, but I was so taken aback by being called on this, silly me kept telling the Dr..."I can't believe you knew about the ice!"

I feel good that something so ridiculous made the appt. light, and I now have the game plan of what to do to get better.