Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Boys

My boys are not book reading, chess playing, lego building kind of boys.

No offense to those of you who have those kinds of boys. In fact...yay for you!~

I on the other hand do NOT have those kind of boys.

I have farting, putting in headlocks, "what does THIS do", "How can I break this", climbing on top of, loud, thundering, messy, boys.

The kind that get virus's in your computer over and over and over from unspeakables ( true story)

The kind that test out air pellet guns in sweatshirts. ( stupid true story)

The kind that play with matches in the woods. ( dead meat true story)

The kind that fight warts and ringworms and every kind of gross malady ( eeww true story)

The kind that shoot their little brother in the belly button with liquid nitrogen (not funny and true story)

The kind that eat spoon of peanut butter stirred in cups of milk ( true story )

The kind that their room smell so bad you have to locate the the rotten food ( clementine this time...again not funny...had mold..true story)

But my boys have this amazing heart that you can NOT make come out...it comes out on it own. That is the kind that makes you the proudest though. When they check on you. When they offer to help. When they stand up for you. When they curl up with you and watch tv.

But I know that this time with them is a glimmer and I take it all. These maddening, beautiful, crazy, sweet, messy, boys. One who is now as tall as me, and both who now are stronger than me. What a ride. What a ride!