Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do I Doubt His Commitment ...(to finding it!)


Is it going to happen.



Let me back up here and explain.

My husband. Of almost 19 years. Has done the unthinkable.

He lost his wedding ring.

MONTHS ago. It has been gone for months.

Although, if you ask him, he will tell you, bare handed, it is NOT lost.

He KNOWS where it is.

He just can't get it.

Or find it....exactly.

You see, early this summer, driving home in the dark, it flew off his hand in the car. Into his extremely messy Honda Pilot 8 seater car. (filled with guitars and amps and Papa johns stuff...and trash). He ASSURED me that it was just a matter of time before it would turn up.

He looked.

I looked.

He cleaned the car.

I cleaned the car.

Months, time, and frustrations passed.

I would occasionally hold his naked hands and tease.

But it really got his goat!

I started to see that he really, REALLY did not KNOW where it was and it hurt him not to have it. It was no fun to tease him then... bleh.

So here we are in almost December and still no ring.

And do you know what I came home to yesterday???

That man. That man had UNBOLTED THE FACTORY PLACED FRONT SEATS of his car. To be sure. To MAKE sure that he hadn't overlooked a spot.


That cannot be safe.

I guess I know without a doubt now his dedication to wearing his wedding band :)