Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Goals!

I am putting these down for safe keeping. I am master of lists. I love them. I think I love to overwhelm myself. No honestly. My mom always said I was grace under pressure, and I think it makes me feel good to feel an urgency to accomplish or to motivate or...does that even make sense?? Anyways, I KNOW I probably won't get everything on this list done this year, but it makes me feel excited to take on the challenge. And that is why I will optimistically list them just as goals.

2012picture taken from google image

**Get house top to bottom Organized. Black hangers/gut master closet/only good clothes. scrub out bathroom cabinets, shed, garage, attic. Kitchen cupboards Etc.

***Lasik I think I am ready to ditch the glasses.

***Grow My Hair Out Long

***Get Healthy

***Face my Stretch Marks.(Pencil drawing by Jean Keaton)

***Go To Church Regularly

***Get a New Camera

***Pay off Stores Completely

***Get back into regular Physical activity-yoga with Mike, walking with Malinda, Zumba

***learn to dance with Mike

***House Updates-build Patio, Finish Basement, FR furniture, Paint Walls and Ceilings, Seperate Boys?

***Plan fun trips with family-important to make time!!! (I definitely see the beach in our future!)

***Kick ass graduation party (hence the kick ass patio!!)

***Summer sleeps in HER bed at night. Oy vey.
***See Alcatraz with Lacey.

***Balance Ledger and CD log all Photos...Holy crap!

***Wake up at a good time and get on a better schedule

***Blog more