Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proud Mama

These days...Times are Tough, and Jobs are Scarce. It isn't like it use to be when I was a teenager. Back then I easily could walk out of a job and end up with another by the end of the week. In my short lived teenage working years, I had had such a variety of jobs that I had experienced many different working cultures. But now it seems it application after application can go out just to never be heard back from for these kids. Places just aren't hiring like they use to.

Tatum has been lucky, and at 15 got hired at our local YMCA to be a gymnastics coach. Her years of being involved in the sport and on the team helped! For the past 3 years she has worked there coaching classes to preschoolers and also teaching summer camps. But now, For a variety reasons, she was ready to move on. She knew the job market out there wasn't pretty. She gently put out some applications to a deafening silence. She got a little more active. Nada.

So my daughter took matters in to her own hands. And this is what she did! She took those 3 years teaching experience. She took her babysitting experience. She took her certification from Red Cross showing she knew safety. She showed her experienced from working and volunteering with the handicap in her school and she created and and account on a website that was for Nannys. Attached with her picture and phone number she advertised herself! HA!

She is now working for a very nice well off family with 3 children. After interviews and contracts, she is there everyday for the kids and house. She does light house keeping and homework. She has a pass to the local theme park this summer to take the kids, and she is happy!

She came up with this all herself. Her dad nor I were not involved at all. Between graduating, and acceptance into college, her job, and it all, we are so proud of how she handles herself.

Go Tatum!