Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eight thousand Pictures in Just a Day

 Our trip to Antiqua was not only a well needed break from the everyday life, but a time warp for Mike and I to be wrapped up in.  To escape from work and phone calls, emails, daily demand, children, mundane tasks that overtake our days. Even habits that we don't realize unless we are completely removed from and put in another world how consumed our days are by them...

We almost must be removed, desensitized if you will from your daily existence, to take off the unknown blinders we wear to really see.

Driving through through country from the airport was almost a culture shock.  It was exciting and beautiful to be somewhere so different.
 Our resort was beautiful, but very different from the real world outside the gates.

 We signed up to take a 4 hour tour through the country with a tour guide and ended up being the only ones signed up for then!  Personal tour!!  It was the highlight of the trip!  Here is this beautiful country, where everyday is perfect weather, the main language is english, but the dialect is SO strong they can converse between each other and you don't understand to save your life, the drinking age is age 1, there is no traffic enforcement hardly, and the culture is unity.

 This is to show you they drive on the opposite side of the street...oh and drive on the other side of the car!

 Please excuse most of these pictures..they are not my best.  They are through glass windows AND a moving car!

 Dogs roam everywhere!  But they are not strays!  I asked!  They know where they live, said the tour guide...we just don't have fences here!

 This is their stadium for soccor!
 A church
 Their markets

 a school
 old sugar mill...they are EVERY where in this country!


 school kids
 another school


 goats were everywhere too!  this one was sleeping on some one's porch!!!


 the rain forest!

 someone making wine from cherry's in their yard!


 houses were made out of anything!

 we then went and visited a beautiful historical harbor

The Police Station

 Our tour guide GODFREY!!!!

 Lizards ran everywhere

 Back at the resort!