Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting READY!

 It is monumental getting prepared.  But it is going to be SO WORTH IT!  6 days of just Mike and me.  In a beautiful exotic country alone.  No children and together.  I am so excited!

The business, the home, the children.  Getting them lined up, taken care of, laundry, dr's notes, schools, schedules.  But we are almost there!

I am to the home stretch and now getting the fun stuff done...  Look at my nails! This busy mom of four has never had her FINGER nails done before!  I am in love!  SWOON!

 Oh, and a peek behind that hat shows you my TAN!  I have slaving away on that for weeks!  This fair skinned girl is never going to have another Sun Poisoned vacation again, lol!

 I threw in a pedi for good measure, and I am really getting the jive of this pampering thing!  Bring it on!
Two recitals (a dress rehearsal), packing, laundry, Mother's day, and a lot of odds and ends and we are ANTIGUA bound!!!!