Monday, May 24, 2010

Matthew got a Gift

On Friday My Son turned Nine. He had a busy wonderful weekend filled with good things. Cupcakes for school. Cards in the mail from friends and grandmas. Balloons and presents.
Good ol Lacey even built him a Luigi on her Farm on Farmville entirely out of haybales! LOL!
We had a party at his favorite place~the skating rink (which everyone loved except for one little one who had a fight with her skates)
and he was surrounded by friends and family...

But the best part that happened was a part that has been hurting us for awhile. Eating away at our family. You see the night before his birthday Matthew had soccer practice. He fell and someone stepped on his injured arm with cleats. By the time I noticed him sitting on the sidelines, blotchy faced and crying, he had been there a while. His coach convinced him to get back out to play, but as I sat and watched him try to play, I got angry. He held his arm at an angle. He played with his hands in his pockets.
He was weird.
My anger grew. This was enough. Five weeks and these people STILL had the dog, and WE everyday dealt with the consequences.
When we got home, I went down there. I demanded the lady look at a picture of Matthew's injuries. WHY? did she still have the dog? She said she wouldn't talk to me anymore and that I would have to talk to her husband. She dialed him up and put me on the phone with him right then and there. He is a cop and there I stood and told him EVERY thing I ever wanted to say.
Long story short...
Matthew's birthday was the next day...the man approached my husband. He said the dog was going that day to a new home.
I told Matthew when I dropped off the cupcakes at school. He smiled really big to himself. I think I saw a weight lift off him right there. We are going to move on now...