Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Dreams

After I get the kids off to school in the early morning, I usually crawl back into bed and I will go get Summer out of her bed and bring her to mine so we can sleep and snuggle and wake up together. (Also so I can keep tabs on the little bugger, cause she is a sneak when she gets up:)

This morning as we laid in bed, I had not yet fallen back to sleep and she laid there sound asleep snuggled up next to me, I heard her laugh out loud. I opened my eyes to see her still asleep but laying there with a huge smile on her face, caught in some dream. She actually guffawed at some point. I had to suppress my own giggles from waking her up as she took her hand and poked me and said "tag, your it!". (her favorite ongoing game)

What a delicious way to fall asleep:)