Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Own Bubble

Today, my van didn't leave the driveway.

We slept in as a family and then woke up as one in a cuddly tumble watching cartoons. Even Jake.

Today, I stayed in my Pajama's until 4 o'clock. I didn't shower until then.

I slowly gardened and weeded the back garden while the kids played outside. I got my hands in the earth and was dirty. I was barefoot, and in my pajama's and dirty.

I drank wine coolers and played on the computer, and talked with friends and family. I smelled of charcoal as my husband cooked chicken wings on the grill.

We planted strawberries in the strawberry pot and let Summer do the planting.

I let the kittens out for hours as the roamed the back yard. Smelling and feeling and watching everything.

Today Summer delighted in having friends to play with and laughed and ran and got filthy and fell asleep by 8 0 clock.

Mike and I ate apple pie and watched our show and fell asleep. It rained through the night. I feel so very blessed...