Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Arizona March 2012

My brief trip to Arizona was this weekend. I can honestly say I smiled the whole. time. I felt happy the whole trip. What a gift that is.

When Lacey and I get together, we are not half ass girls. We are all or nothing people. When we do something we THROW ourselves into it, and I think that is why we appreciate each other so much.

I was only there for two full days, but the Dexter fest reigned. (totally not even planned.) 9. Count them NINE episodes Mike and Lacey and I drank and stayed up late into the night watching. I totally got them hooked. Yes!
Apparently sea level or oxygen difference, good night, I DON"T KNOW, but every time I go there, my body does not seem to be affected much by alcohol. Very funny for someone who is such a lightweight. The third night we put it to the test and around, oh, 12 shots later I was still standing straight and not dizzy at all. Completely bizarre!
Our project of the front door. Sigh. Top to bottom. Replace hinge's, hardware, knobs, bolts, cleaned and painted. Around the SAME exact color. Lacey says the color makes it POP! I laugh. I'm glad she is so excited :)
Music stores for piano music. Maddeningly pounding it out on the keyboard. I will get it. You will see!
Photo shoot. Self done. We totally rock. When I move there we will go into business together. She will be the perfect partner. We were really impressed that we carried it off ourselves with just tripods and creativity.

When you can laugh until you have to spit out your water, and make yourself go to bed at night cause you don't want the fun to end, you know you have had a pretty special day. It was awesome:)