Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is the Time in My Life

Tatum's Announcements came! I am pouring over pictures and lists and SO EXCITED! This is a BIG thing for not only her but me. We did it. (and we did pretty good!) The insert reads...

Please come help us celebrate the graduation of our daughter, Tatum Winter, in a joyous evening affair. This for all the love, support, and friendship we have had in raising her to this momentous point.

Super Super excited :)
The weather here has been crazy! For Ohio and middle of March to be hitting 80's is wild. It is beyond wonderful and the world is alive with blooms and smells and color! The kids play outside every second they can, the windows are open, and the grass has already been cut!
Ryan's cookout for his birthday went well. Mike grilled Ribs and it was just great to be home with all my family.

Life is so good. :)