Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here's the Scoop

I know years from now, I will look back at this blog and not be able to get the essence of my life. I am so saddened by this, because for the longest time I kept up so well. I LOVED it and kept up so well. Occasionally I get a little trinket in here and there, and for that I am so grateful, but it still nags at me. I have the most lucid memory and this blog gave me hope. I have been living through one of the busiest seasons of my life right now and not been documenting a thing, and that eats at me. This is an attempt for a catch all. To trigger my future self of this time. It is not near the artistic talents I so aspire for, but it is all this tired mama has.

This March is not even 18 days through and has been a whirlwind. My mom had surgery for a rectal prolapse and it turned into much more than any of us wanted to bite off and chew. The surgery lasted much longer than anticipated due to scar tissue and out of control blood pressure. After surgery they could not get her blood pressure to rise out of the sixties. Even with medication, three different kinds running, it wouldn't rise. Due to conflict it would do to the blood pressure medicine, they could not give her pain medicine. All I know is that if your blood pressure is in the 50's you can die, and that in the 100's to 140's is normal? After not having answers and waiting all day we got to see her for a brief moment. It was terrible and I think shocked us all. Jack turned white. It got very surreal after that. She moaned and cried and it was my dad's death all over again. The had put a catather in her neck threaded thru to her heart and was hooked up all over. Not good.
She did beat it, and was in ICU for days. There have many awful bumps (drainage removal, shots in neck, liquid diet) in the road along the way, but she has done awesome. After a week she got to come home. My sister in law has been a life saver, and although she is recovering herself from a foot surgery has been there to help take of mom and shower and love and help her.

My son has chosen this time to sow his wild oats and not to disclose all our private life on a public forum, about done Mike and I in, lol. Between in school suspensions, groundings, long talks and screaming, getting caught, holes in our doors, girlfriends,and no ipods, I think we {{MAY}} (i use that term loosely but hopeful) have ridden it out and are on the turn for positive. With a solution of working at the food bank and him involved in track, lots of love and strict rules, we just might make it to 15. Oh God, I hope so. My son is now officially as tall as me, and it will break my heart if he doesn't grow up to be all that I know he can be!~

Our oldest daughter is accepted into Miami Oxford, starting at Miami University Middletown to complete the basic credits next fall in Special Education. Her job as a nanny is going fantastic, and she LOVES it. Her and her boyfriend are in love, and he starts in July for training as an electrician.

Mike went to Florida for the big Franchisee convention and took all his managers, and the day after he got back I flew out to Arizona. We together and alone take our trip to Antigua in May.

I have a bounce house booked for Summer's 5th birthday party. In the shape of a castle.

I am in charge of a whole section for after prom. EXCITED and OVERWHELMED!

My birthday was March 5th and yesterdays was Ryan's so tonight we are cooking out ribs for his birthday dinner.

Big construction in our backyard as Creech's builds us the biggest kickass patio ever. For Tatum's graduation party. I cannot. wait.

Tatum get's surgery this summer on her ankle. That break from years ago really needed more attention than we knew. That was why it still hurts years later. Snapped tendon? More to come. Just went for a bone scan this week.

That is the update. Sorry not in blog fodder :) Feeling good I got it out!