Thursday, March 29, 2012


***I have been reading Fifty shades of Grey. Completely filthy and dirty, and I have been loving every minute of it. AND it is the first time I have read a book on my kindle, which I must admit, I love. Now it is in the news as Mommy porn, lol, and they are making a movie out of it! Omygeezh. How in the world they are going to make a movie out of what my eyes are reading is beyond me. I think I will stick to the book!

***Summer is in the play "Annie" and casted as an Orphan. How stinkin cute can you get. Our house has been full of "It's a hard knock life", and "Little Girls" that the boys are dying when the CD gets turned on for practice. I am SO excited for her!

***Jake is back in Track and super fast. He is in Chiropractic care, so we are working things out and a little bit too slow for him, but Thank God we found him help. The Dr. actually said he looks like someone that had been in a car wreck and had whiplash or jumped off a roof or something. My boys. I know it is from all those flips on his skates and such. The Dr. is amazed he has even been running up to this point.

***I am going out tomorrow night with my High School friend to a really cool Art Exhibit at the Art Museum and we are taking our older daughters. It's cool cause we were actually there when each other HAD these girls years ago. 18 and 16 respectively.

***Jake has been volunteer at the Food Center. Awesome.

***Matt has been in Cup Stacking. Tonight is the Last one.

***Mike and I took Matt to see the Hunger Games this weekend. Freaking. Awesome. If you haven't gone. Go. If you haven't read the book. Read. Nough said!