Saturday, January 1, 2011


This past year buckled me to close my blog for awhile. This past year buckled me down to my knees a couple of times. 2010 was a year. A year that had a lot of lessons in it I'm sure, but a year I am ready to be passed.

I faced insecurities as a mother, as a wife. I had to let go, and I had to hold on. I dealt with months of insomnia and sleep and anxiety issues which, if you ever have had, you know is a battle that is fought alone in yourself... I've stood up and crossed lines probably. But, am discovering more and more what is right for me, and not others. I am fighting for relationships and trying to know where my journey leads ME, not let others lead my journey.

If I continue with my blog, it is for the sole purpose of the awesome journal I will have to look back on. Anyone who wants to check in is welcome, but that is why I am here now. I sadly regret the time I missed in the pocket I stopped. My family has changed so much in that short time!