Saturday, January 22, 2011


Something in the wintertime that this tired mother of four deals with (besides no school and snow days) that not everyone knows about was brought to light to me from a western living soul.


They were not aware of the battles of salt.

It is something that we use here to combat frozen slippery roads. Spread by trucks by the tons. Tons and tons of salt is spread with just a forecast of snow. This is turn makes not only Mama's wish the snow would melt into spring. We pray for rain to come and wash clean the salt. To some this is common knowledge and probably the most boring blog post ever... But to other' is the effects of salt.

On your car.

You bring it in on your shoes...
again car...
here is just a pile of snow, lol

on the roads....

on the sidewalks...
and the worst....puddled dried on your floor!
It saves a ton of lives. The roads would be terrible without it. It uses SO MUCH of the tax dollars...but it is a necessary thing here.