Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Best Vet in the World

When I was a little girl our only pet was one cat. Me, being animal crazy, over loved this cat. SOMUCH.

When it came time for the cat's yearly vet visit, I remember it fondly as a BIG event. FUN times. I mean, come on! Cat in the car...going out. Showing her off. ONCE a year. Big stuff to that little girl :)

Our poor over loved cat, probably would NOT look back on those trips as anything but agony. She wasn't a very adventurous ol girl, strictly an inside cat, and during our vet visit she would climb INSIDE of my mom's purse. We of course delighted in this. My mom carried the same purse for years...a double leather strapped arm purse that's side were sturdy enough to stand up alone. Poor Grizilda would slide right in there and duck her head in too. Like an ostrich. You would just see her fluffy back popping out all along the zipper line.

The sympathtic vet would do his exam with her in the purse, which of course delighted us kids even more. Made the story better! To this day I tell my kids about Grizilda and mom's purse :)

Well now that I have a houseful of cats, and kids and other misc. animals, trips to the vets are not in short. With all that happened this summer to Chance we were long over due for the other cats to get caught up on their yearlys. Last week I tried to take Alice and Rosie in. I thought Bing Bam Bing...easy peasy. {{is anything easy peasy when traveling with cats and kids, I mean really????}} Matt and Summer and I loaded them up and off we went. I was a little worried about how Rosie was acting with all the guttural growling going on in the cage...and the hissing...and the hair flying out. Good Lord, poor Alice was just putting up with a VERY moody Rosie. She was stuck in the cage with her, but I thought with them being sisters, a combined appt. might be easy....{{there is that word again!}}

When we got in our room, our SUPER duper vet assessing the situation, said he would take them in back, to try to get them out of the cage. We just shook our heads, because at this point Rosie was hissing and growling, and losing hair, and now had turned on Alice and beating the crap out of her IN the cage. She had lost her marbles and was C-R-A-Z-Y. What ensued next was not pretty.

The kids and I sat in our little room while we heard the most horrifying HOWLS and YOWLS come from the back room. We just hugged each other a little. Dang that cat. She was being so bad!

When the vet brought them back in....he told me they had to REMOVE THE TOP PORTION OF THE CAGE TO GET HER OUT!. (boy that girl knows how to fight) and that he got her shots in, but no exam was done.

Oh yeah. And she trumps as the worst cat ever to examine, LOL!


So here is the problem.

She DOES have a problem. One I needed him to look at. Her gums. But he wasn't lookin THAT day. We had to have a plan. He had one. Tranquilzer. Jake and I came up with one too. We did it today! and it worked!!!!

LOL! look at that evil but tolarable face. No cage. No sister. In Jake's lap. Jake's hands covered in ham. She watched out the window. Oh and one more thing. The vet had to come outside and sit in my car! LOLOLOLOLOL! He did. Because he is most awesome. She still hissed, but not too much.

We've come a long way from the days in my mom's purse...but we still are having a hoot taking trip's to the vet ;)