Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ultimate Puppy

For Christmas this year I picked out two stuffed animals for Summer. One was of Curious George, her favorite cartoon monkey. The other was this super soft raccoon I found in the children's toy department at Target.
She loved them both and has slept with each night since. But the other kids starting making fun of the toy raccoon. Little comments would get said in passing. Things like "why is Summer playing with a dog toy??" and such?!?! I of course would get defensive and correct them immediately. "IT IS NOT A DOG TOY! STOP TEASING HER!" You see the tail made a crinkle noise and it was a bit floppy. But let's not give the kid a stigma here...

As I laid in bed with her the other day I was holding her raccoon and couldn't believe it when it's head squeaked. "Wha...?!?! I didn't know it did THAT?!?!?"
I brought my concerns to Mike. He had an easy solution. Read the sewn on tag. What did it say?
I read outloud..."NOTICE...Pet should be supervise when pla...."
Oh My Freaking Gosh. I bought my kid a dog toy.
For Christmas.
I see a mother of the year award coming my way! LOL!