Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Memory

Until my computer is back from the shop, I can't put up pictures or videos, which is reaallly cramping my blogging. I have alot I want to share and can't!

So until then I will leave you with this laughable tid bit from this morning.

Tatum and I were sitting looking at her farmville. She sadly showed me a mink that she spent alot of her farmbucks on. (If you don't play the game, you are to know that farm "bucks" are hard to come by and you only spend them sparingly. Farm coins are easy...but the bucks you save for very special stuff). I asked her why in the world she spent her bucks on a mink???!!!

She despairingly told me that today in school she was forced to dissect a defurred mink in class and it made her feel better. Lol. oh, poor girl. I remember those days. Ours were pig fetus's, but yet, it was still upsetting...

Silly things and moments I don't want to forget about my kids...