Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Even When I'm Lazy It Bites Me in The Butt...

This week...okay this month/year/period of my life has seemed especially busy lately, and sheepishly I admit I tried to take the easy way out.

Oh but don't worry. Karma came and taught me a lesson. The lesson?? That Becky DOESN'T get to take the easy way.

Summer's little Dance class had a Halloween party during their dance class last night. The sign up sheet appeared last week, and juice boxes were already taken. Bah! I do have to admit it was pitifully cute seeing Miss Kitty Cat and and over sized Clifford dog hop around doing tippy toes, and I do so love a party, just every day I run to keep up with these four kids and my oblig...I mean their obligations.

So as I stood there debating how horribly hard baking would be, I devised my evil plan.

Popcorn Balls.

I have like a million of them, and they taste brilliantly good. They come out seasonally from Walmart and the kids love them. At Easter when they were shaped like eggs I didn't buy near enough, and the kids were Jonesing for them till Halloween. So this year I bought a ton. How hard could it be to unwrap them, put them in a Halloween bowl, and decorate them somehow? Easy Peasy!

As I trolled the aisles of the stores of what to use to decorate, I had a loose ideas of a strip of Halloween ribbon tied around each ball. Since I can't make a bow worth a darn, then presented the problem of how to hold the fabric. Cupcake toppers! I bought the toothpick Halloween cupcake packs (I'll use the cupcake liners later) and was very happy with myself.

When Tatum came home I announced "We have a project!!"

"Oh no!'' She groaned.

She dutifully sat there with me as we unwrapped sticky balls. Then we realized that the toothpick broke going through the fabric. As I cut strips, she poke pre holes with a nail. Soon there were sticky wrappers, sticky hands, mismeasured ribbons, little snibbles of popcorn, broken toothpicks, and a 2 year old Kitty Cat running wild through it all.

It took us over and hour.

Long and short, I could of baked brownies a whole heck of alot easier.

Was it hard to do?? No
Economical?? NO
Time Consuming?? YES

It did look cute, but I was embarrassed to have to answer "NO" to the question of other parents of "Oh my goodness...how cute!!! Did you make the popcorn??"

Heck no, lady!!! I'm the one who tied the ribbon around it!!! Lol!