Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day Off

Today the kids didn't have school in our district. We used this day to sleep in some from the busy weekend (birthdays, football games, church) and go get our PUMPKINS!!!
This pumpkin farm I have gone to since I was a little girl myself. It has bloomed bigger and better every year:) They work so hard to set up really neat characters made out of pumpkin faces and things the kids can climb on.
This was all Peter Pan...

"Never smile at a crocodile!"

The girls actually "Followed the Yellow Brick Road". As you can see age doesn't matter;)

The Three Little Pigs Village
Look! What's that below....
sneaky Jake trying to dodge the camera! Ugh!
"Smiley Faces!"

My mom met us up there. Thank goodness or there would be no pictures! Every one took off in different directions, and Summer had plans of her own. So it was really nice to be able to snap away knowing Mom was on top of keeping track of Summer!
Me and my Momma;)

Summer faced her fear of "the witch!!" The motorized one at the grocery store has scared her silly, but this one she inspected and then bravely touched.

It was a super fun day. We came home with alot of carving to do! That will be next weekend!!