Saturday, October 3, 2009

The One Where I Finish The Vacation Posts~Whew!

We had a pier within walking distance that we went to one evening and got tried to get some nice pictures of the kids on the way.
Do you know how hard it is to get all 4 of them looking good at once???

This was a random picture left out from our nice dinner out of Mike and me. It is one of my favorites...
Mike took the boys fishing on the pier. They got to see actual shark swimming underneath them as people cleaned their fish and threw their chum in the water. They thought it was so cool.

There was this gorgeous tree in the Kroger parking lot of all places, that they had like poured the concrete around. It had to have been 100 years old. I was in Spanish moss heaven...

Our last night there we went to Joe's Crab shack and an authentic southern seafood dinner. YUM!

We crossed a planked boardwalk and saw an alligator in the water. Mike carried that baby the rest of the way, Lol.

It was a wonderful trip. I couldn't of have spent it with any cooler people:)