Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tatum and the Spider

The other day Tatum and I with Summer in the back in her car seat were driving in the car.

Summer pipes up in her cute little 2 year old voice "Bee, Mama! Bee!!"

I turned around to see if in fact a bee had gotten in the car and saw on the wall of the car door a huge fat hairy black spider. I was driving on a road with no burm and said to Tatum, "Tate, please kill that spider! Quickly! It is right next to the baby and I don't want it jumping on her!"

Tatum in return...

Let out a blood curling scream. Like in the horror movies. Like the spider was venomous and going to kill her.

SNOWBALL EFFECT!! Poor Summer who is STRAPPED into her carseat now is terrified of the spider which still no one has killed and it still is right next to her. She starts to panic and sob in her seat.

Again, I am on a road in traffic with no burm and I cannot pull over. This is getting ridiculous and I am mad now. Mama bear has come out. My baby is scared and crying. I say in my meanest voice..."pull yourself together and kill the effing spider hhheeeennnnoooowwwww!!!!!""as I shove my flip flop into her hand.

Tatum stifling panicked sobs like she is touching the devil himself crawls around and as quick as she can smashes the spider and spins back around.


I say soothingly to Summer "all gone Sum...the spider is all gone!" but what I see when I turn around is horrifying.

In her haste, Tatum has flung the now dead hairy black spider on to my little cherub's head. Sitting upon her innocent face is the corpse unbeknownst to her.

I say as calm as I can to Tatum...." don't freak...but I need you to be mature about this and not scare Summer."

"WHat??" she says

"The spider is on her head now and I need you to ge....

{{{Again blood curling screams}}} no I am serious. (have you seen how dramatic 15 year olds can be)

"NO Mama! No Mama, I can't! Ican'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan'tdoitdoitdoitdoit! OhMy GOSH NO!"

At this point I actually think I slapped her.

All in all the spider is gone, and Summer I think in unscathed by the incident. She still talks of the spider in the car to daddy and such, but doesn't cry.

Tatum on the other hand, I think could use some therapy, LOL!