Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Moment in My Time

As I sat on Summer's floor watching her not pee, as we attempted our nightly attempt of sitting on the potty, I thought of how often I sit here ritualistic as of lately. But what seems the norm now, in a week, in a month, in a year will blur into a new norm, and then that will seem as mundane and as often and boring as this moment.
Soon this time will all be over, as I well know. It is already gone the days Tatum was this size and age. With her chirpy little voice and cute antics that at the time seemed endless. And Jake. And Matthew.

I know I have mentioned how terrible of a memory I have, and how this blog is a stab a recording a piece of our history.
What more is important to history I feel, than the daily grind, and the mundane?
So here we are....
Matthew has been put to bed early and is crying. Lying is a hard lesson to learn and when it catches up with you, and people have learned not to believe you, it sucks.
Jake is laying sideways on the recliner watching George Lopez. His favorite. Gotta watch it every night!
Mike is still at work, driving hot boxes across town.
Tatum is home from working at the YMCA and in a hot tub soaking the day away.
I am sitting here intermittently yelling with Matthew and encouraging someone to pee on her potty. In a moment I will tiredly put yet another diaper on.
There is Skyline wrappers still on the table and the cats a meowing to be fed.
PJ's and Dexter with Mike to look forward too. Life is full, busy and sweet.