Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today was cool and autumn-y and perfect weather here in Ohio for Halloween. We had an afternoon neighborhood party to attend before trick or treating and the highlight of it was my friend Amy.
She and her husband had put together a "crystal ball" (can you tell they just got back from Disney:)
It was so cool! Our neighbor Sherri was dressed up like a witch, and would one by one bring the children in where they would get to ask the crystal ball a question.

Poor Amy, I think she was hot in there. I know Matthew said she grabbed his feet. It really was rather spooky. Even Summer was brave enough to go see:)

At the end she let each of the kids try it out:) Here is Matthew...
Poor Jake had a football game (they are to the playoffs now), and Mike had to work all day (BIG pizza day). Matthew totally ditched me for his friends and I so needed Tate to hand out candy....SO it was down to Sum and me...
My friend Malinda and I took her around.
After the first few houses she got the jist of it and was like...
Candy in my bucket! Oh yay!
We pushed her between the houses in her little pink car and she did great!

Jake even made it home in time to throw on some roller blades and wrap himself in duct tape (I kid you not...he planned to be "duct tape boy") and get a killing in 30 minutes.
In was a fun night!