Friday, November 13, 2009

Dead Turkey

I label this post this in humor. Back when Mike and I were first married, I made reference to something and meaning to use the phrase that the person had stopped "cold turkey" I said "dead turkey". Boy did I walk into a minefield that day. That has been a joke and I have been laughed at for years.

But really it has been no laughing manner in our house. Yes, I know I have dilly dallied about this topic before, and pulled at your heart strings before about Summer having to give up her pluggy (pacifier), but to be honest, I have no back bone and we have continued to let her have it.

Now don't get me wrong! Half hearted attempts of limiting it to just bedtime have been made, and alot of talk about has been done!
Whew! ALL that talking wore me out!
But it didn't really change things....

So we got to the point this week where Mama was at the end of her rope. Last baby or not, I had had it. Our whole day was spent whining about "fruggies" and whether or not we had them. She is a smart cookie and knows that she only gets them at bedtime, so she says she's tired all the time now to try to trick you into giving her them! She also knows, Mom is a sucker for boo boos. I was feeling like one step forward if we made it through the day, and 3 steps backwards once we gave it back to her at night.

SO~At some bizarrao point Summer was really Jonesing for a donut. I told her we would buy a WHOLE BOX of donuts if she threw her plugs away. She agreed! We made a BIGPRODUCTION out of her standing uptop a kitchen chair and throwing it away in front of the other kids. Everyone clapped and cheered. She beamed!! That night she played in her room quietly and I thought...hmm "this is going waay to easy?"

At one point she did say "pluggy". I said "remember you threw it away! It is all gone." She cried a bit...but nothing too traumatic.

So later I check on her in her room to see if she has settled down and gone to sleep. There she is with her toy basket completely overturned and is halfway inside it with just her rump sticking out. Stuffed toys are flying out the opening behind her. I said "Summer! What are you doing??"

She said "I BEEZEE~ Go away! I Bee ZEE!"

Poor Baby had found plugs in there before and was fruitlessly secretly searching.

It has been her comfort and companion for 2 and half years now. I feel so sad for her. She has asked many times for it, but we have stayed strong.

She has called us a "BABY DIAPER"....the meanest word she knows, cause she's mad about it, on many occasions.

It has been 2 whole nights, 3 whole days, and one major major tantrum which I will NOT write about, but I stayed strong through. I can't go through this again.

I love you sweet girl. If this is tough love, it sucks.