Friday, November 27, 2009

Full of It

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was happy and healthy! We had a wonderful time here in the Trenches:) I think this year went smoother than ever before.

Maybe I am getting older and more mature, and able to handle it better, or maybe we just finally are getting the hang of it after all these years, but it was a time that I got to sit back and enjoy myself. (or maybe it was that white Zinfandel..whatever!)

Summer sported her braids (as in Indian braids:)
Old dogs got to teach new dogs their tricks. (Uncle John teaches Jake a magic trick, which umm, let's say he's still perfecting:)
A couple of wicked games of Wii were played. (goodness knows what they were playing here, but their faces crack me up! Such concentration!)
Family got to be together (Tatum is going to absolute shoot me when she sees this picture on my blog, but hey! I don't look half bad in it....and if you need to see a pretty picture (TATUM...I mean you!) look at my sidebar. That one has been approved:)
And grandparents were clamored over. (Mom and Jack)
Oh! And if you were wondering how those cupcakes turned out...Just ask her...
I think that face says it all:)