Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hoops and All

I have been feeling pretty lousy lately with a cough and head cold. Up alot at nights and lazy mornings in bed with Summer (who is all for this schedule). The girl is a night owl and many a night, we in exasperation have to take her from her gated room and put her between us around 1am, just to make the child go to sleep. Anyways...with Tatum catching a bus at 6:30 (which I watch her board) and the boys bus at 8:00, we usually go back to bed after such choppy nights.
So today we were watching Noggin in my bed, waiting for my cough med to kick in (I have got to have abs of steel by now), and we decided to change out her earrings.
Here's where we got really crazy! We put in H.O.O.P.S.!
She looked so cute! I was nervous at first and explained to her she had to be careful. She admired herself in the mirror, and LOVED it;)

She actually kept them in all day!~ When the boys got home she showed them off, but was quick to tell the "NO TOUCH THEM!" Lol! She really was so careful!
About 8pm she asked to have them taken out, and I did right away, and tonight we put back in her studs.
We are doing our Christmas pictures this weekend, so I think I will try it again then since she did so good!
On another random note...while laying in bed playing with my camera, I FINALLY figured out how to do Black and White shots, which are MY favorite. (Missy~if you are reading this I KNOW you showed me how, but apparently, even though I write instructions down, I STILL couldn't figure it this was a big feat for me:) I have only owned the darn thing for 4 months now!
Plan on seeing mucho more B&W's coming;)