Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Week Of W's

Gosh...It's been forever since I have done an edition of my Week Of W's! I must of been saving them up!

WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!! We seem to have visitors in our garage. I am beside myself with this one, because I love animals more than you can know, and have antagonized over this! But for some reason a mouse scurrying loose brings out the frantic girl scream in me, and I get the heebie geebies really bad!

Now you know I couldn't possibly use a trap! That would KILL them. I don't want them to die...I just don't want them in my garage~

I think I will just boycott the garage for awhile and hope this problem goes away on it's own:(

Wii -For some reason the boys have gotten back into the Wii big time. Thank goodness in time for all these school days off:) They have been having competitions and re finding the joy in their toy
Matt with Jim (Mike's sister's fiance) on our trip to Newark. Showing him the ropes to the shooting range
WEIRD- Matthew (need I say more) those are Easter eggs clipped to his hair

WELL WISHES~It was Mike's Dad's and his wife's Bev anniversary
yesterday. THIRTY THREE YEARS!!!! Congratulations you two!!! Here is to many more wonderful years:)
WISDOM~ Tatum told me a pretty smart saying I have never heard before today...
"The early bird may catch the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese!"

WEEKEND VISIT~We traveled up to Newark, Ohio this weekend to visit Mike's family for Thanksgiving. Mike's sister and fiance had come in from North Carolina for the week and we couldn't miss that!
It was a wonderful time. Mike's stepmom Bev is the sweetest and opens her home up to us and makes us feel so welcome. She fed us all the delicious leftovers from their feast the day before, and then she cracked open a special bottle of wine just for me and her. Needless to say I felt warm and fuzzy:) But really she knocks herself out to make me loved, and it is such a breath of fresh air!
Grandpa Ed with Jake playing Wii...doesn't he and Mike look so much alike!
Aunt Renie wiping up messy Summer
At one point we noticed Summer had slipped off and was being quiet. This is where we found her! Trying to be a stowaway in Renie and Jim's luggage!
WISHES~I am digging my way through today (it's 3pm and I am still in pj's!) but I am hoping tonight we can put up the Christmas Tree!
Hope you all had a wonderful week of W's too!