Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summer the Elephant

The other day, my mom was over, and Summer and her were playing in the basement. Summer had gotten into an old storage closet and drug out an old Halloween costume that was Matthew's on his 1st Halloween. It was Disney's Dumbo the elephant.
Now Summer has no idea who Dumbo is, but she sure is learning her animals, and she was quite taken with this elephant costume.
Matthew was only 5 months old on his 1st Halloween, but he was a HUGE baby. That being said, the way sizes ran at Disney, I was forced to buy him a 12 month outfit, just so it could fit him. It was a little big on him, but it worked.
Amazingly enough, Summer in her 2 and half year old body, determination and all, squeezed into it, and was quite delighted.

She hammed it up for quite awhile... We even found the old Dumbo movie in the garage in the stacks of VHS tapes and turned in on for her. I guess I forgot how traumatic that movie really is. Mother elephant getting whipped and chained, red eyes, trampling, other elephant mothers making fun and ostracizing Dumbo, them forcing him off heights to be laughed at with clowns, him crying for his Mama...
Anyways we started the tape, and Jake found out and looked horrified and said "Your not going to let Her watch THat Are You?!?!".
Tatum came out of the shower to stop me and said the same thing... I guess we traumatized them as kids, LOL!
So I sat there and buzzed passed the scary parts, and even Summer was like "want Little Bear". She did like the bubble bath part where his Mama washes him up and loves on him, but then we just turned on Little Bear. Oh well. I guess we were tougher in the 70's?